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A personal project (for now) on a fictional universe that I came up with.

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Latest activityEdit

  • edit Arianna Almira
    edited by Dawiner146 diff
  • edit Yvonne Valerie
    edited by Dawiner146 diff
  • new page Arianna Almira
    created by Dawiner146
    New page: Arinna Almira is a girl living in Garden Capital, and is the fiance of
  • new page David Premon
    created by Dawiner146
    New page: David Premon is a Deena Defense Department Agent, and current AntiGuild operative. He is registered under no Deena, but possesses amazing reflexes...
  • edit Chloe Firenze
    edited by Dawiner146 diff
  • new page Chloe Firenze
    created by Dawiner146
    New page: Chloe Firenze is one of the two AntiGuild agents sent to Cebu Capital in order to pursue and kill Denver Wight. She possesses the Physical Deena,...
  • edit Wishes Cambell
    edited by Dawiner146 diff
  • new page Wishes Cambell
    created by Dawiner146
    New page: Wishes Cambell is a mysterious teenage girl travelling with Yvonne Valerie. She possesses an unknown Deena. The roots of Wishes's relationship with...
  • new page Denver Wight
    created by Dawiner146
    New page: Denver Wight is a Guild member, and the only member identified to still be alive in Cebu Capital. He possesses a Physical Deena, Amorphous...
  • new page Leanne Andersen
    created by Dawiner146
    New page: Leanne Andersen is a Guild Member and is being hunted by the authorities alongside Denver Wight. She possesses a Conceptual Deena, Wish, allowing her...

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