The Primunum Global Government is the currently used system of governance by the Capitals of the World. It is a single Political Unit that exercises its power to all people and geographic areas on a global scale.


The term “Primunum” came from the Latin root words Primus (Prime) and Unum (Unity). This name choice was deliberately used by the Framers of the Constitution of the World when they established the Global Government, adhering to the general philosophy that the post-war committee wanted to instill into the world populace after such devastating chaos; this would be a government that removes boundaries and endorses Strong Unity under one banner. This name is specifically mandated by the Constitution of the World.

The PGG was created by the Post-War Council as an effort to unite all nations under one system of government, and to avoid all future possibilities of conflict of interests between different nations. The Constitution of the World was created in order to establish this system.

The PGG is recognized to have been formally established on February 3, 2095, a year after the Constitution of the World’s ratification, which was January 19, 2094. This system of governance persists until the present.

The PGG has four components; The World Watchers, The Tricameral Legislative, The High Arbitrators, and several Capital Units.

World Watchers

The World Watchers, also known as the Watchers, are the highest figure of authority in the PGG. All acts of the Legislative and the Arbitration are under the Watchers’ approval, while only some acts of Capital Units are within their Jurisdiction.

The Watchers are composed of seven members, all elected by the people at large. Almost all acts by them are decided by majority vote of all members present, though each individual member may exercise unique powers granted by the Constitution of the World.

The main function of the World Watchers is Administrative Supervision, where they exercise oversight and intervention over acts of the different components of the PGG, and Executive, where they ensure that the laws are faithfully executed.


Formerly, the PGG Legislature was Bicameral under the Constitution of the World. But after the ratification of Primunum Act 0146, or the Deena Integration Act, the Legislature became Tricameral.

The three Legislative Houses are the Senate (12 members), the Capital Representatives (1046 members), and the Chamber of Masters, more popularly known as the Chamber of Geniuses (47 recognized members).

The main function of the Legislature is to create and enact laws, representing the interests of the World.

High Arbitration

The High Arbitration is the ultimate Judicial Body of the World. They exercise the power of Arbitration in three main cases:

  • To settle actual controversies involving rights

that are legally demandable under the Constitution of the World.

  • To determine whether a body of the government

acted in grave abuse of discretion.

  • To decide whether an act involving the use of

Deena is justifiable.

The power to determine grave abuse of discretion can be exercised over any body of the PGG except the High Watchers, who are entitled to the ultimate presumption of good faith, while the power to decide acts involving the use of Deenas must be exercised alongside the Chamber, acting as an equal and interdependent Judicial Body.

The High Arbitration consists of 14 Associate Arbiters, and one Arbiter of Justice. They individually exercise equal power over deciding cases.

Capital Units

Capital Units, or “Geographic Capital Units”, or simply “Capitals”, are government bodies that exercise partial sovereignty over geographically-defined areas.

The Capital Units exercise a similar power to that of the Watchers with some differences, and this power confined to their specific area jurisdiction.

The Capital Units consists a Governor, a Vice Governor, Councilors, and District Chiefs.

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