Deena is the inherent ability of humans to exercise control over a law of physical nature, a sentient mind, quantum mechanics, or human concepts. It is an ability developed by a majority of human beings before adulthood, which is unique for each individual just like their finger prints. The exact origins of its emergence in human DNA is still a mystery, but the nature of Deenas has been mostly uncovered by current scientific studies. Currently, all but 237 people in the world have developed a Deena.


The word "Deena" comes from the Greek word "Dyna", meaning "Power". In the 21st century, common words like "superpower" or "magic" have been used to describe early Deena manifestations. However, further studies into the concept soon developed a wide scientific acknowledgement of its relevance to human life, popularizing the use of a Greek word to describe it, eventually evolving into the word used today. The term “Deena” is formally recognized by the law.

It is not clear who the first human with a Deena is, or when Deenas manifested itself in human evolution. Many scholars believe that Deenas started to exist less than three Millennia before the present year 2292, given that many historical accounts of humans doing things that were considered impossible during their time exists, be that as actual evidence, or stories. Deenas may have existed even before, though in a very scant number of people.

During the First and Second Millennia, many concepts of super humans started to arise in certain societies. “Witches” in particular were women who could supposedly do impossible things. In the 1900’s, the concept of “Psychics” became popular, which included people who could supposedly do physical acts using their minds.

Much of the history of Deena were widely speculation, up until the turnaround in year 2036, where a true account of a Human with a Deena exists. Jahana Mauna was only 17 years old when she publicly stopped the tallest building in the Philippines (now split into Manila and Cebu Capital) from crashing due to a bomb detonation. Historians believe that her Deena might have been a type of Kinesis that takes effect on Calcium or Carbon compounds, primary elements found in Portland Cement, a material widely used during her time period to create industrial structures. Her acts thereafter as a go-to “superhero”, termed prior, did not affect the public perception of other Deena manifestations that followed her until the Third World War.


The Deena of an average person, whether male or female, manifests between 15-19 years old. In very rare cases, a child as young as 3 years old may start manifesting a Deena.

There are four basic conditions that must exist in order for a person's Deena to manifest:

  • The existence of Intelligence of any degree
  • The ability to discern right or wrong
  • Self-Control
  • Development of a morality

A person must be intelligent. They must know basic life concepts and must understand them. One must also have the ability to discern between different actions, knowing what consequences are. One must be able to exercise self-control, which is mainly involves the coordination of mind and body with each other. Finally, it has been recently discovered that morality may also be a factor that determines Deena manifestation, though these condition is mainly linked with what Deena a person may develop instead of its actual manifestation.

It is still unclear whether a Deena may have already been decided at birth, though the recent discovery of Morality's involvement mainly debunks this theory outright.


Classifying Deena is a leveled process, especially since each person in the globe possess a unique Deena. There are at least 4 Billion registered Deena as of 2297.

By Activation:

Physical Deena are activated by contact of the human skin with the object of the Deena (increasing or decreasing the temperature of solid Iron upon touch, changing the shape of Carbon material upon touch). This type of Deena primarily causes fatigue because it uses the body's stored energy. These are much more common than Psychic Deena.

Psychic Deena are activated upon one's force of will (raising gravitational levels in short distances, controlling the Limbic system of a person to alter their emotions). Most Deena that are activated by the mind are usually recommended to be used sparingly since it causes migraine if continually used with little intervals, which is why people who have this type of Deena are trained to strengthen their Psyche.

By Object:

Elemental - the Deena may be used only on a specific element in the periodic table, including artificial elements (control over Carbon atoms or Oxygen Atoms). The object of Deena allows control of an object specific to its atomic number. The ability can be used on compounds, but to the extent that only the object element is controlled.

Molecular - similar to Elemental Deena, this type of Deena may be used exclusively on specific atoms held together by a chemical bond (control over water or sugars). The object of the Deena is not Matter, but the chemical bond itself.





By Mode (some):







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